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Krzak Kazimiera ((maiden name: Nowak)
Was born on 16th June 1928 in Brzezinka near Oświęcim. Later on along with her parents and brother she lived in Rychwałd. She was a member of the Polish Scouting Association. She was 11 when the war began. Her father was taken captive by Germans. Her mother came back to Brzezinka with children. In 1941 they were uprooted and they moved to Czarnuchowice, soon, thanks to Kazimiera's grandfather, they came to live in Oświęcim. She had to go to work to IG Farben. There she carried the mail, worked as a charlady, washed the windows. She was sent to Birkenau, because she had lost her permit and was put into the Block 15, accused of the sabotage. After the liberation of the camp she came back home. She took care of 7-year-old Jewish girl – Lusia Kałuszner, whom she took from the Birkenau. The President of Poland decorated her with the Knight's Cross Order of Polonia Restituta.

Pnina Segal (Lusia Kałuszyner) - prisoner no 15515
As a child she was sent to the camp. In the barrack I slept on the upper bunk. I covered myself with the very nasty blanket. Janeczka got sick and was took to crematorium. My aunt tried to help her, she run after her, but she couldn't do anything. She was taken too. I was left alone in the barrack. The good old women took care of me.
After the liberation of the camp, January 28th 1945 at noon she was standing in a group of children, who were taken care of by a frightened blockmistress in the former Gypsy Family Camp. That's where Kazimiera Krzak saw her. She took Lusia to her home. After a few months Lusia's mother, who miraculously survived the war, came to take her to Łódź. They lived there for a few years, later on they went to Israel. Many years later Lusia came to Oświęcim with a youth group and found her carer. Now Lusia regularly comes to Poland – always with some youth group. On such an occasion she always tells the young Israelis about the girl who saved her.
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